This is my first post to archive what I have learnt in the hope that it can help others. It’s part of my New Year resolutions to share more about myself, my thoughts and opinions about the code I write or witness. I just graduated from the Singapore University of Technology and Design and also started work at Skyscanner as a Software Engineer. I hope that this marks the start of a continuous learning journey for myself!

A few things that I want to share in the blog for the next few months:

  • blogging about some things that I have learnt in Ruby and Rails for the projects that I have worked on
  • work on some machine learning, artificial intelligence problems
  • improve my algorithm and data structure skills
  • work on a side project that deals with scalability

And also, I hope to be:

  • more active in my relationships with family and friends
  • exercise and keep in shape
  • cut down on distractions and focus on learning

I hope that this endeavor sustains :p